Monday, December 1, 2014

No Guilt Happy Holiday Health Strategies

Ok, so you just plowed through Thanksgiving  (possibly literally, figuratively and emotionally - which might also cause some additional eating) and now you're trying to

(a) recover(b) keep from going past the point of no return(c) still fit into your current sized clothes (nothing worse than needing to go out and buy bigger clothes for holiday parties right?)(d) navigate the rounds of office, church, organizations , friends and relations holiday parties, and(e) maintain your commitment to your health and well being.

GOOD on ya! You've taken the first step in the No Guilt strategies for a happy, healthy holiday season. W00t!

Having said that, here are some other strategies you can employ along with that "can do" attitude that will keep you tight, toned and looking good in that athletic fit shirt or holiday frock.

1. Plan Your NutritionThe most important thing you can do for your success in this season (and - bonus - any season) is plan your food. Be on a schedule. Have your food prepped the night before to take to work with you (or set to put together quickly in the AM). The WORST thing you can do is go into work (or your day) without your nutrition planned. Where you don't plan for your success, you'll find a bad alternative waiting to derail you. #BeFierce 

2. Plan Your Cheat DaysSay what?! Yes, I said PLAN. You know when those parties are going to be, so PLAN them. If your normal cheat day is Saturday and you've got a party on Friday, don't delude yourself into thinking you're going to keep your diet clean. And you SHOULDN'T. Listen, we all want to be fit so we can live long, healthy and prosperous lives. We all want to enjoy ourselves - it's kinda what makes life fun :-) So, plan to enjoy yourself that day instead of your usual day.  Have two parties that week? It's OK! Just split up your cheat day into two cheat meals (or deserts). You'll be glad you did.

3. Sync Your WorkoutsHow you workout is important - so is WHEN you workout. When you are doing a total body workout that's torching your major body parts (either bodyweight or using freeweights, machines, TRX or kettlebells) you WANT to be having some carbs on those days (Note: I believe in low to no sugar and amost no grains (the exception being occasional rice or oats on cheat days) so, plan your heavy workout days (and you should only be really hitting it hard 3-4 days a week) for the days when you know you're going to be cheating. Ideally, get them within 3-4 hours of that party if you can (all kinds of science as for why). Sync your way to success!

4. (Optional) Plan FEAST DaysThe first three are critical, I find this one to be helpfult but not everyone can do this. The concept is called intermittent fasting. You stop eating around 8:00 PM the night before and don't eat until lunch. Have a normal sized lunch and then you can have a "feast" at your evening holiday party.  Wait! You say your party is a work? Then have a good hearty lunch and plan for a more reasonable dinner.

There it is, your three (or four) point plan for No Guilt Happy Holiday Sucess.

Now's the time to make it a holiday success, so as Zig Ziglar always used to say: Plan your work and work your plan!


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